Coteries Types

تحتوى الحلقات على كثير من المميزات منها التلاوة وتصحيح الأخطاء والتجويد و مساعدة الطالب على الحفظ في نفس الحلقة والمراجعة الدائمة

  • The Ijaza certificate

    You can now obtain a certificate of Ijaza with a good chain of narrators to recite and memorize the Noble Quran, to gain the honor of transferring and reporting on behalf of the Messenger of Allah, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him

  • Improve and correct the recitation

    Learn how to read the Quran correctly, and learn the rules of Tajweed in a simple way, through the specialized circles to correct the recitation

  • Memorization and interpretation of the Quran

    You can now join us to start memorizing the Book of Allah Almighty easily with the specialists, with the interpretation of the verses, the meanings of words and introducing the circumstances that accompanied the descending of the verses

  • Learn the Nour Al-Bayan way

    We strive to provide the best ways for learning and correcting the recitation, so we offer you learning in a unique and different way

  • Teaching Arabic

    Learn the Arabic language and go towards eloquence. Being with us prepares you to speak Arabic properly

  • Islamic studies

    Learn the Sharia-based knowledge, including the doctrine, the principles of religion and the rulings of the Islamic jurisprudence. According to your age, for both adults and children.

  • Introducing the Nuraneyya method

    learn the correct way of pronouncing the words of the Quran and how to connect them. Learn how to utter the Arabic letters correctly when followed by vowels. The Nuraneyya method is one of the best methods applied in the field of teaching Arabic for both native and non-native speakers

  • Memorization and recitation correction

    Start memorizing the Book of Allah Almighty easily with the specialists, and learn how to read the Quran correctly